emonalisa doesn’t smile

by Style Army

being a grumpy grace aint cute

I’ve been noticing a trend lately in the both men’s and women’s ad campaigns – selling us some sensationalized product with a gaunt looking model or celebrity spokesperson looking not so happy to be there. How is this supposed to make me want to buy the product? Advertisers seem to be forgetting the fact that right along side money – happiness is one of the strongest motivators in the world – and unlike money – happiness looks good on everyone.

Allow me to make my case with two very famous people. First – in keeping with this mona lisa theme – let’s take Julia Roberts the star of Mona Lisa smiles and countless other box office hits.

Here she is – a pretty woman (pun intended) – looking very chic and put together. It is near impossible to make JR look bad. She doesn’t however look particularly happy and her energy in this photo while intriguing – is lacking. Now take this photo:

Boom! She is electric. Same girl – same general look – but do you see how a smile can make a person turn into a megawatt beauty? Happy is always better than vamp. When people try to be serious or sexy – they generally tend to come off as something else – fake. Julia Roberts has become a major household name because she realized early on that it was her smile and her ability to make you happy with her positive energy that makes us all love her. Take note people!

Now let’s look at Brad Pitt. The dude is universally known as the world’s hottest guy. Tough life right? Now like Julia – even in his covered in hair more wrinkly older state – it’s still a real challenge to find an unattractive picture of him. But let’s look at the picture below:

Now ignore the hillbilly hair – because that isn’t fair. This is a good looking man, who simply looks annoyed to be where he is. He doesn’t seem happy – and because of that – he just looks – ok. Now look at this:

Tell me you don’t want to climb him like a tree?! If eyes are the window into the soul then the smile must be the window into the heart. Right?! This is someone that looks infectiously fun, attractive and nice. This is how you want to look.

SO – the moral of the story is this: Smile. Not only will it make you look better, it will make you feel better and will genuinely change the energy you carry around with you. We give advice on products and fashion on here all day – but a pair of Bruno Magli wingtips can only take you so far – unless of course they make you smile :).

– brother

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