i’m moving in with Nate

by Style Army

oprah’s boy has style

Much to my excitement I walked into my apartment today and saw the beautiful and handsome Nate berkus laying on the floor staring up at me with those knowing eyes. He was on the cover of my new issue of Architectural Digest – but none-the-less the experience was rousing.

Ever since Oprah started bringing Nate out on her show to perform amazing home make overs and got her audience whooping it up over his seemingly effortlessly chic big reveals – I was hooked on this IT designer. The Nate Mantra is all about taking spaces with character and creating a continuity and flow to a room by mixing high end and unique collected pieces with simple and often inexpensive design elements. He is essentially my home decor alter-ego embodying everything I know about style and fashion and infusing it into every space he touches.

AD has a welcomed look into his new 3 bedroom apartment in New York with some never seen before and after pics. Check them out below and in the new issue of AD and check out the slideshow and story online HERE.

– brother

The bare bones apartment Pre-Nate was white washed from floor to ceiling with an oddly appointed fireplace.

NB replaced the white washed floors with these stunning herringbone wood floors throughout the space. Notice that he embraces the askew fireplace by balancing it with that antique wood carriage and a few simple pieces of pottery on the mantel. Note too the continuous use of iron and glass actually help to warm up the industrial space when paired with rich fabrics like the swede stools and that oversized white and black floor rug.

Now for the PN kitchen. Pretty nice – albeit typical these days.

Ever the recessionista – NB kept the original cabinetry and had it repainted in gunmetal black. Notice the amazing hardware added as a finishing touch and that perfectly subtle yet completely stocked bar cart – must have. Mixing the marble island with the wood counter-tops and adding cabinetry panels to conceal the previously exposed washer dryer was a nice way to pull it all together.

I don’t have a before pic – but what I wanted to point out two design tricks in this living room space. First – it may look like those are expansive windows that raise to the ceiling, but they are actually just low hung windows with some creatively placed shades and drapes designed to give the illusion of height and drama. The other thing I love about this space is Nate’s use of what I call “furniture stacking”. Don’t be afraid to place a reading chair and coffee table in close proximity to another vinet of furniture. In this case the reading nook offers a layered dimension to the classic contemporary space.

on October 12, 2012 Anonymous said:

Misspellings detract from your post. Nonetheless is all one word; swede is actually spelled suede; vignette not vinet.

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