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by Style Army

don’t be just like everyone else

You tend to see the same sunglasses on everyone. The ray ban wayfarers and aviators, persol thick frames – they all tend to blend. As is always the case with me – I try to find options that are classic and cool but that have some originality to them and won’t be in the closets of all of my friends. In the spirit of this effort I wound up purchasing two pairs of sunnies by Gant by Michael Bastian on sale at I must say – they are both really well made – super sturdy – have fantastic lenses – and I have yet to see anyone else in them. Jack pot! While it pains me to share the idea – I have to remind myself that I am your lowly servant – tasked with providing good ideas for your sartorial inclinations. SO – let me just say it “you should try Gnat the next time you want sunnies”. There. Ugh – the secret is out. Now happy hunting.

– brother

The Bobby (one of the pairs I got – only in tortoise shell).

The Wolfie (The other pair I got in black – like wayfarers but better)

The Marty – John Hamm of Mad Men loves these.

The Newbury. These are ultra geek chic but would look phenomenal on a slim framed blonder guy or as lady glasses too.


Did I mention all of these are around $100?! Yep – a deal.


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