are you a (double) breast man?

by Style Army

how to double down your style this spring

Unless you are a cast member of fraggle rock living deep below the surface, you are surely aware that the double breasted sport coat and suit are in full launch back to fashion stardom. As you can see on the boys above (HRH Charles, Ryan Gosling, and David Beckham, respectively) the look has come a long way from the days of Capone and uzi guns. Forget the zoot suit, today’s double breasted blazer fits sloped at the shoulder, snug in the center and practically always with a wide and peaked lapel (this gives your chest an extra boost – which we could all use). It’s  a look that pulls everything together like a tightly wrapped burrito (yes, a very fancy burrito), and requires smart accessories to keep the look centered and current. 

Simon Spurr adds a monochromatic touch to his blue blazer for a pop sheen that makes this traditional jacket feel much more rock n roll

The other unexpected change in this style staple rebirth is the length. You’ll notice that if the blazer looks modern and cool it almost always is cropped at the bottom hanging just above your crotch (coincidence? ;).  The look is cheeky masculine and strong referencing its rough around the edges cousin the motorcycle jacket.

Gucci hits the nail on the head in this cardigan cropped clean at the waist and soft enough in construction to wear with jeans and a t-shirt.

While I am certainly a fan of rocking the DB in suit form, let me warn that you should steer clear of the skinny accessories we have become addicted to over the last few years. A slim tie will get swallowed up so choose something with a little weight and width to balance the wide lapel. In blazer form, go ahead and button up the jacket while unbottoning maybe one extra on your shirt. The key is always balance. You can also opt to take things casual. Rock the jacket open and with a pair of skinny jeans and chelsea boots to make an effortless “I spent all day trying to look like I just got out of bed impression”. Hey, it works for our favorite rockers, just make sure you roll out of bed with confidence.

Alexander McQueen takes things a step further with only two buttons and a much more angular feel. 

Paul Smith Abbey road – traditional nautical works well both dressed up and pared down. 

Below are a few more examples of how to make this style work for you. However you do it keep it slim-cropped and light-weight. No matter what comes in and out of style, if it fits right, the look will last the test of time. Give it a whirl. 


I would probably wear this Brooks Brothers staple (pictured in seersucker) with a pair of tan chinos and over a lightweight navy hoodie. Add a third layer with a lightweight cotton button up under the hoodie t-shirt and unbotton the jacket if you want to get real cray cray. Perfect for San Francisco spring.

Cool in Camel, vintage accessories all over on the streets of NY. 

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