attn: weekend warriors

by Style Army

report to the clubhouse

So basically a trio of buddies, dudes really, got together and decided that since they already spend most of their days working for the weekend (they call this weekend warriors) they might as well open a store dedicated to those moments they daydream of and the clothing and things that would dress their dream sequence Saturday. All things considered, the name “saturdays Surf NYC” couldn’t be more spot on. Recently featured in this months GQ, the guys little idea has been blowing up like crazy and for good reason.

The perfectly edited Surf NYC is a compilation of so many cool things from surfer striped t’s to an in house coffee shop and book collection. I can’t wait to get to the big apple to check this place out, but for now I’m all over their online store – and you should be too. Get there HERE. Some of my faves are above and below. Good work dudes.

– brother 

$70 bucks worth of dopeness. That lightning bolt is outa site.

Check mate. 75 bucks and you win.

i want to have this and just talk like a pirate all day. for $98 you can too.

I got nothing funny on this one. Khaki is serious. $118

it looks like it’s made for a toddler – but in the castro that is acceptable. so i might still buy this. 48 bucks.

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