by Style Army

it’s not just for kids named billy

Yep, that’s billy the kid up there with that beautiful smile and knowing glance. What did he know, you say? He knew that his yellow bandana (tied in the front) was a trend worth following. Sure, he was about 100 years or so before his time, but the kid’s got style. 

A western trend that originated out of necessity, people started wearing a strip of cloth around their necks so that they could easily lift it around their mouths and noses when the wind picked up or they took a ride on horseback. Anyone who has been in a dust storm or who lives in a very rural place, knows just how important covering up can be. When I was in Nicaragua I regularly kept a bandana either in my back pocket or around my neck to keep my teeth from turning brown with dust. Sounds glamorous right? Well as is the case with many trends, what was once born of necessity is now a cool and fun way to add a pop of color and cool to any outfit. 

love the bandana used literally as a tie. Loop it through a buttoned collar oxford.

Two things with this trend are important. First, the big oversized hip hop style bandanas are no longer in trend. Take this guy below for example. Don’t do this. 

The second thing is that when worn around the neck the best way to go (in my opinion) is to either wrap it like a scarf (see the first image below) or twist it and then tie it in the front. To avoid looking like howdy doody, tie it at the very ends of the bandana and pull it loose so that it kind of hangs off to the side. Remember the tradition, you should be able to pull it completely over your face.

Other than those two tips, this is a pretty self explanatory suggestion. If you don’t feel comfortable rocking the bandana, then probably don’t go there. This is not a look for amateurs. ;)

– brother 

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