fresh to death

by Style Army

dress like your 15 this spring

What happens when skate, surf, hip hop and bboy culture converge? The answer: the irreverent rebel style that has already entered hipster culture and will be full fledge main stream by the end of spring and early summer. What’s fun for me about this trend is that this is not far off from the mid 90’s styles my brothers and I used to rock in junior high and high school. Think bright colors mixed in with sportswear, throwback sneakers, layers and graphics. It’s basically the love child of Zack Morris and Blossom. If you feel like you’re too old for this trend, you probably are and I would definitely heed to your gut. On the other hand, if you are 50 and get excited by that neon green Fresh to Death tee – just go for it. You only live once and you are only as old as you feel!

– brother

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