how uniqlo is it?

by Style Army

Don’t get caught looking like everyone else.

It’s true people – uber popular big box retailer to Uniqlo has finally opened a west coast location right here in beautifully funky San Francisco. Known as a sort of japanese street style influenced cousin to H&M with about the same quality (maybe a little higher) and a similar penchant for turning out semi-unique styles inspired by the latest designer trends at a major discount – this shiny new store has of course already cause a frenzy. Judging from the demographics of the constant line out front the store – those most excited in San Francisco are older asian women, high school aged hipsters and well – the gays. Perhaps they are just the early adapters and the only ones with enough free time to wait in line. Regardless the reason – these three groups are a good indication that this store will remain successful in SF much like that of H&M, Zara and other “design” oriented retailers in the city.

With that in mind – I thought I might send a little note of caution to those SO excited to buy the latest styles. Remember when shopping at stores like these that these places carry a virtually unlimited inventory each season, meaning that everything you think is super unique and cool will quickly be worn on the backs of virtually every other person in the city. SO – if you are on of those people who is less than thrilled when they show up at a party and two other people are wearing the same shirt – I advise that you choose your not so unique clothing – wisely. Look for items that are well made, simple and would fit in the category of “staple” rather then “fashion”. These should be pieces that can be mixed and matched in a wardrobe so that they build a look – and don’t necessarily dominate the look. So what would I buy? See below for the few things I think are worth getting below. While not pictured below I would also say that when in need for simple t-shirts, socks and things like this – uniqlo is a fine choice. Again – think basic. Their site HERE.

– brother

This classic cotton pea coat is only $90 bucks and could easily work it’s way into a wardrobe without looking like a mass produced fashion knock-off.

This Cashmere and Wool double breasted coat is remarkably affordable at $100 and it doesn’t have to many bells and whistles which means that it will look smart for years to come. Remember though that at $100 you probably will only get a season or two out of it.

Buffalo plaid will be huge again this winter. Uniqlo is great for simple button up flannels and plaids. Go for the options in the traditional color scheme and pattern. The more funky and fashion forward options will scream uniqlo and will be much more recognizable on the dude next door. $30.

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