i’m cheating on my wayfarers

by Style Army

but the clubmaster is just sooo dreamy

A while back Ray Ban announced that they were re-releasing their Clubmaster sunglasses – which was cool, but not really having me ready to jump ship from my beloved wayfarers. I’ve always kind of envisioned Malcolm X when I think Clubmaster, which is cool, but militant leader isn’t exactly the vibe I’m trying to give off. Respect, but not for me. Yesterday I popped into a Sunglass Hut here in San Fran and got an up close peak at some of the new colors available in this latest batch. Let me tell you, these things are sick. The color details are subtle and fun. The colors they picked are bright but not neon. They even FINALLY have options with silver instead of gold detailing. The price is right at $145.00 no matter which combo you choose, so the real question will be – how do you choose just one? Check em out below – buy them HERE.

– brother


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