no glove no love

by Style Army

You don’t want stubs for hands do you?

Tis the season people. The weather is turning that brisk cold that gets your little paws feeling that achy stiffness and pinkish hue that simply will not do anything for your look. You are greeted with two choices really 1) let your fingers freeze off and live the rest of your life with stubs for hands 2) get something to cover those suckers up.

Just a guess, but I’m thinking you’re going to opt for number 2. Yeah. While your at it – let’s try and take an opportunity to step up your style game while protecting yourself from a life of having to paw at everything with your blunt fingerless hands. Gloves are an accessory that should be considered with more permanence. They will last you years and can be worn repeatedly without concern. Think of them in the same vain as a watch or a pair of eye glasses. Always go for real leather and look for options that are lined but aren’t too bulky. You want to be able to function as though you aren’t wearing anything at all. Mr. Porter has a great selection of high fashion options that will work with any style. Below are a few of my favorites. Click HERE to go buy.

– brother

Paul Smith




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