one more one

by Style Army

… for one

Blake is at it again. Yep, his name is actually Blake, not Tom and it turns out he has more world helping tricks up his sleeve than just shoes. Known for his iconic slip shoe sold in the US as a way to pay for shoes given to children in Argentina – his company has grown dramatically over the years into a powerhouse footwear company offering many options for men, women and children. For every pair he has sold, he has given a pair away to a child in need. They call it one for one. 

Now, one for one can count one more product as a part of the family – sunglasses. Keeping with his tradition, Blake is now offering various eyewear styles with the promise that for every pair, a person in need will receive vision assistance be it glasses or eye surgery. Learn more about how exactly they are doing this HERE

While the cause is certainly noble, the idea would fall flat if the product wasn’t also cool as a stand alone. These glasses are very on point with the throwback trend we are seeing in optical wear with everything from re-tooled wayfarers to the reissue of a half dozen Oliver Peoples classics. Toms looks are classic, cool and refined, with a little playful “toms stripe” just so we don’t forget we’re looking cool for a cause. This at $135.00 a pop and well, I think I’m going to have to get me a pair. Get yours HERE.

– brother

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