shake it off

by Style Army

it hurts but you’re gonna be ok

Ugh Vans – you are killing me! It’s just one of those things. I love to look at the Vans Vault because they showcase the most amazing limited edition stuff the line has ever carried. At the same time – the stuff is limited edition and by that matter super hard to get your hands on. So – you can imagine my despair when I found the Horween Sk8 – Hi Boat Strap LX, fell in love instantly and then realized that my online retailer kith was sold out. BUM MER.

Do not despair – Vans has assured me that more stock is on it’s way – you just need to check in with your local retailer. Fine – I’ll wait – but I can’t say that this doesn’t hurt. Find your local spot Here. Happy hunting.

– brother

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