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As promised – the inexpensive suit post is here! As you all by now know, I wear a suit every day, and am notorious for beating the cr*p out of my formal wear. I am a big proponent of owning suits for occasions (my favorites are by Paul Smith, Simon Spurr and Band of Outsiders, for today anyway), and suits for life (think the suit version of a pair of jeans).

“Life suits” have a few important criteria. 1. They can’t cost more than $400.00. 2. They need to be light weight and preferably cotton (easy to clean, wrinkles less and durable). 3. They need to be cut slim but not tight and have high arm holes (allows for better mobility). Beyond these three main requirements – I don’t care about labels, lining or any extra bells and whistles. I don’t even usually have my life suits tailored/altered beyond a basic hem. Once you go down the customization route, you’re looking at spending at least an extra $100.00, which puts you in the semi-custom suit range. If you want to spend six or seven hundred, go see Ryan Douglas and have him make you a suit made to order. The Life suit is not meant to be anything other than essentially a sturdy and descent fitting shell that you can easily make feel more expensive by pairing it with nice accessories etc. The following are a few of my go-to suits of the every day variety. I hope this helps one or two of you fellow working blokes in the long hard battle to look professional without losing your shirt to do it.


express $346.00

Uniqlo- full suit $268.90

J Crew $366.00

Zara $278.00

H&M $250.00 (H&M is currently selling white, but they rotate colors, so check in around May for fall colors) 

on April 28, 2011 Adam Q said:

Love it! Suits! Man is at his best in a suit and shouldn’t be afraid to wear one to a fine occasion or to the office everyday! Great post Brother!

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