this blogger giveth…

by Style Army


now, it’s her turn to receiveth

Erin Sierchio is a self-professed “blogger, an ellipses abuser and a hater of cardio workouts.” As humorous and as self-deprecating as her biography proclaims to be, Erin Sierchio is so much more than that.


She’s often caught referring to hipsters in town as “It” girls and boys, but I’m here to tell you. She’s it.

She’s absolutely delightful in every way and even in boyfriend jeans, Havianas, and a perfectly disheveled, mop of curly reddish-brown hair, Sierchio has it going on. She’s got that It factor she talks so much about when referring to others…. It’s innate, people. You can’t pay for that. It’s deep in the soul. I promise.

Check out her quick-witted, back and forth banter at Bows & Sparrows and tell me you feel otherwise.

She’s a girl with an uncanny sense of comedic timing swirled in with a humble and down-to-earth personality that puts most narcissistic writers to shame. (Oh, get over it…) Anyway, she’s delightful and I had the pleasure of spending a whole 3 hours with her as she interviewed and photographed me and my closet in her bi-weekly feature called the Closet Case. I’m not used to being on the other side of the lens, but Erin put me at ease with her sarcastic sense of humor (birds of a feather… ) and her gentle face. She’s a smart cookie and I’m sure glad we’ve crossed into friend land.

Erin confesses blogging is her passion in life… It’s what gets her clock ticking. She likes to to highlight talented designers, fabulous boutiques, covetable products, stunning homes and style-savvy fashionistas and is proud to claim Sactown Bay Area and Back Down as her home. Outside of Bows & Sparrows, Erin has written over 500 articles for the likes of the Sacramento News & Review, the California Restaurant Association and Mesh Magazine, she’s well published, too.

Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. She’s rad.

– sister

on June 27, 2011 erin aka bows&sparrows said:

Aw-shucks, lady! *Totally blushing over here!*

on June 27, 2011 Tami - Teacher Goes Back To School said:

thanks for featuring our girl, erin. it’s about time she’s on the other side of the camera!

on June 27, 2011 Vero Bartell said:

a m e n , sister!

on June 27, 2011 Tami - Teacher Goes Back to School said:

adorable as usual!

on June 28, 2011 galfridaydesigns said:

Love that “It” girl!

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