to SIR with love

by Style Army

Sir NYC’s Austin Bjorkman is on to something

When SIR launched in 2011 we took notice for it’s irreverence, edge and seemingly cavalier approach to a design collection (albeit not all together wearable). With the 2012 and 2013 Fall/winter and Spring/Summer collections however, I’m seeing options that are heavy on concept – but at the same time wearable and spectacularly ridiculous. Somehow Bjorkman makes a Glitter encrusted racing jacket and crochet tapered sweats seem viable. Where the collection might lack cohesion (see baby alpaca sweaters)it makes up the difference in inspiration. Clearly still cutting his teeth a bit and not entirely at the place where the collections will find mass appeal – i think the current state is something that those with a little more piss and vinegar in their style personality are going to love and work into their lives. Fine a stockist near you HERE or try I Don’t Like Monday’s online.

– brother

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