uniforms and waist coats and lounge suits oh my

by Style Army

the royal men’s dress code in proper english

So while the designers have been slaving away in secrecy, cooped up in the royal palace as they piece together THE dress of the decade – the royal men kept things easy, letting the boys know exactly what to wear right on the front of the invite:

For those in need of glasses, the bottom right corner reads:

Dress: Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit. 

SO, I know what many of you are thinking … what the heck is a morning coat? Is a lounge suit the same as a leisure suit? You’re not alone people, but fear not, brother bear is here for you. 

The uniform portion is easy. Plan to see Prince William in one of two Uniforms. First (and my guess for the big day) is the Bright red Irish Guard Uniform for which he was appointed honorary colonel earlier this month. It is a sharp look with red piping down black trousers. Expect the Prince to skip the traditional fur cap in favor of one similar to the pic below.

The second uniform sure to be prevelent if not on the Prince himself is the RAF uniform or Royal Air Force. In blue, this uniform is one of the most handsome in the armed forces and will no doubt be present on many of Prince Williams comrades at the day ceremony.

So now, moving on to the morning coat. Americans typically call this little number the cut-away coat. Basically a morning coat is a tailcoat that tapers in the front (hence the cut away) leaving a slightly longer and rounded tail. It is usually worn as part of morning dress which consists of the coat, a waist coat (what we call a high breasted vest) and a pair of striped trousers. I would expect to not only see a great deal of morning dress on the older gentlemen but also a fair amount of Prince Williams friends in their alma matters signature Eton morning suit (the same thing as morning dress but with all three pieces made from the same material). 

Students at Eton in their morning suits

Finally we come to the lounge suit. Basically, a lounge suit is the most common form of western suit. Cropped at the waist with matching pants and blazer. Usually the lounge suit is worn with a collar and western necktie. Expect to see the vast majority of guests in more formal versions of these. It is said that David Beckham and Anderson Cooper will both be wearing Ralph Lauren Lounge Suits. See Beckham in RL below. 

No matter what the men wear to the wedding, there is little chance of messing it up with these three traditional yet unfailing options. After all, the real fun comes in the form of the arm candy who will be joining them. Happy royal wedding everyone!

– brother 

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